Rizki Rahmadian Miftahul Ula

Graduate Student of Master Program in Management
Graduate School School of Business (www.mb.ipb.ac.id)
Bogor Agriculture University (www.ipb.ac.id)


Prof. Dr. Ir. Ujang Sumarwan, M.Sc. (www.ujansumarwan.blog.mb.ipb.ac.id,www.sumarwan.staff.ipb.ac.id, sumarwan@mb.ipb.ac.id)
Dr. Ir. Hartoyo, M.Sc.
Dr. Ir. Dodik Nur Rachmat, M.Sc.F.
Dr. Kirbandoko, M.S.M.
Dr. Ir. Mukhammad Najib, M.M.

Pak ujang is my marketing docent, Last saturday he gave me task to make a blog with english, i think he know that my english is still “acak kadut” in sundanese language or so messy in english, hahahaha, so with this task he want me to fix my english (i think, wkwkw).  This is my first blog with english about my first marketing class,

My first class was held on Thursday, 4th Feb 2016. I was late for my first meeting, because i had so many job task that i must finish on time before i went to BULOG (My class held there). My class started on 7 pm, but i was arrived there on 7.30 pm. I was sat on the hindmost seats. Suddenly my classmate gave me a book, the book title is “PEMASARAN STRATEGIK :Perspektif perilaku konsumen dan marketing plan”. The book is thick.

Dr. Kirbandoko, M.S.M. was my first marketing docent. We can call him Pak Kir or Pak Kiko. Pak Kir is fanny person. Sometime he make a joke that make us lough, His joke made us not sleepy, hence we can be focuses to the material course. I think every docent should be like him, so that we can avoid sleepy when we were studying, hahaha.

To be continue ….

Text Book

Ujang Sumarwan (editor). 2015. Pemasaran Strategic: Perspektif Perlilaku Konsumen dan Marketing Plan. IPB Press.

Silahkan download e-book:

2015 01 BUKU Pemasaran Strategik Perspektif Perilaku Konsumen dan Marketing Plan

Buku Manajemem Pemasaran


Marketing Strategy is tell about how the firms understanding consumers, so the firm can make a marketing strategy to achieve their goals. Marketing is how to understand the needs of consumers and develops preposition to give superior value. The value of the brand made from consumer’s trust. This trust will make relationship between consumer and brand. This book is also showing the steps to builds brand equity and explain some method for measuring brands equity.


buku mp2

Sumarwan, U., Achmad Fachrodji., Adman Nursal., Arissetyanto Nugroho., Erry Ricardo Nurzal., Ign Anung Setiadi., Suharyono., Zeffry Alamsyah. 1st Printing. 2011. Marketing Strategic: Value Based Marketing and Marketing Metrics. Pemasaran Strategik: Persfektif Value-Based Marketing dan Pengukuran Kinerja. Bogor, IPB Press.

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